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TSARKA Academy

TSARKA training center providing training and advanced training for information security specialists

Cybersecurity is a highly specialized area, and the set of skills required for it is very different from the skills in other IT areas

Availability and reliability of information sources

We are pleased and ready to share our own unique experience and knowledge with those striving to grow and develop professionally

Availability and reliability of information sources

Commitment to IS development in the country and the world

We are actively engaged in development of the White Hat hacker community

Our projects: Bugbounty.kz, KazHACKstan

About the academy

Learn from the market leader

TSARKA Academy is a training center created at TSARKA and providing training and advanced training for specialists in various areas of information security.

Relevance of educational material
Relevance of educational material

Our programs are developed by practitioners who regularly participate in IS audits and investigations of cyberattacks

Flexible mode of study
Flexible mode of study

Format of the classes can be adapted to the customer. Individual, group, offline and online classes are possible

Qualified team
Qualified team

TSARKA team holds the international certificates and regularly confirms their knowledge at international cybersecurity competitions

Focus on practical training
Focus on practical training

Over 80% of the time is devoted to practical classes designed to help students gain confidence through practical exercises that simulate real attack scenarios

This course is for


Basic courses help prepare and set the right direction for a career in cybersecurity


A course on web application security. Teaches how to identify vulnerabilities, assess their risk for the project and eliminate them in various ways

Law enforcement

The courses will help fill the gaps in the cybercrime investigation arsenal

IS executives

Gives understanding of the many regulatory requirements in cybersecurity and risk management. The course covers the ISO 27001 standard

IT and security departments

The course is aimed at preventing the incidents. The courses are easily adaptable to a specific operating environment depending on the needs and specifics of a company

TSARKA also conducts corporate training of employees

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