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WebTotem is a service that combines tools for monitoring and protecting sites.


A little over a year has passed since we announced testing of the commercial version of WebTotem (, during which time our product was recognized as the best start-up for small and medium-sized businesses in the field of web resource security.

WebTotem is a service that combines tools for monitoring and protecting sites.

For whom?
- web studios
- developers
- site owners


1. Accessibility monitoring
- Check the performance of your site every minute.
- Analyze the performance of the site through the visualization of checks in chronological order.
- Diagnose the causes of failures in the site due to the detailed data obtained during the test.

2. Check the validity of the SSL certificate
- Find out the status of the SSL certificate installed on the site. We examine it for evidence of health, relevance and compliance with safety standards.
- Find out in advance about the expiration of the certificate. We will notify you a day, a week and a month before the end of the term.

3. Domain Monitoring
- Learn about the expiration of your domain. We will send you a notice a day, a week and a month before the end of the term.

4. The presence of the site in the black lists of search engines and antiviruses
- Keep track of the reputation of the domain in the anti-virus databases and its mention in the blacklists of popular browsers.

5. Check for malware and deface scanner
- Check sites for problems and signs of hacking, in which the main page is replaced with another, usually containing advertisements, threats or causing messages.

6. External scanner
- Scan the site for malicious code inserts that use the power of user resources for mining cryptocurrencies (miners)

7. Scan open ports
- Monitor the status of network ports on the servers of your sites. Port Scanner will report in a timely manner on the most vulnerable services launched and opened for exploitation by hackers.

8. Firewall (WAF)
- Install real-time protection against intrusion and attacks to your site thanks to the Firewall firewall. It will establish a barrier for automated attacks and spam bots, proactively checking incoming traffic and blocking requests of unwanted nature.
- In the case of a long-term threat, the attacker will be blocked from visiting your site first for 15 minutes, with a repeated attack - by 30 and further on.
- Firewall has the ability to auto-update signatures, so it is always aware of the latest threats.

9. Antivirus
- Watch for changes in the files of your site in real time. Anti-Virus will instantly notify you of new, modified and deleted, without your knowledge, files, usually indicating the penetration of malicious code.
Anti-Virus will independently check the modified files for viruses, shells and backdoors with a powerful signature analysis algorithm and will provide a detailed report with the results containing such details as: name, file path, line number of the malicious code entry and threat class.
Thus, you will timely prevent the spread of the virus and save your website from falling into the database of antivirus programs and black lists of search engines.

10. Technical support
Personal certified specialists of information security, technical and informational support will allow to eliminate problems in the shortest possible time.

11. Mobile application
All of the above is also available for Android users right here.


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