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UN International Telecommunication Union Conference



As it turned out, TSARKA is well known far beyond Kazakhstan and, more importantly, our experience is one of the most advanced in the world. Colleagues from the region are very interested in cooperation and want to learn from Kazakhstan's experience of private sector and government collaboration.

The WebTotem project also pleasantly surprised, it is several years ahead of its counterparts for monitoring countries in Europe and there is a demand and interest for it due to its efficiency and low cost of monitoring. By the way, today it is among the top 6 most promising projects in Estonia according to Vestbee and we have not even launched a new version yet.

As a result of the event, we not only received a positive, independent assessment of Kazakhstan's IS development path, but also invaluable support from colleagues from different countries and the ITU.

There are plans for joint activities of ITU and TSARKA in the region, as well as a high probability of our participation in some projects, as an expert.

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Курс предназначен для разработчиков, специалистов по тестированию на проникновение, DevOps-инженеров. Авторский курс «Безопасность веб-приложений» подойдет тем, кто хочет повысить свою ценность как специалиста и получить уникальный опыт.



Бороться с пандемией и ее последствиями должны не только врачи и полицейские. Конкурс «Цифровое гражданство» позволит IT-специалистам, правозащитникам, студентам и всем желающим предложить свои решения для решения проблем в здравоохранении и образовании.